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Church Building Bootcamp

A comprehensive "How-To" Seminar for all church leaders planning to build, renovate and fund all types of church construction projects.

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The art and science of designing structures and environments that reflect the activities and aspirations of our life.

WLP employs a staff of exceptional experience that is broad and deep to help you realize your building needs. We have designed over 5,000 projects in Commercial, Industrial, Institutional and Religious. Also, offering complete services of our in-house engineering staff, we are able to serve you in a project of any size or complexity. We have National (NCARB) accreditation.


Putting the pieces together, solving problems and making design come to life!

WLP has a full range of in-house engineering services which include structural, mechanical/electrical/plumbing, civil/site planning and special expertise in forensic/structural condition assessment. WLP is known for its technical problem solving ability. All of our staff has real world experience for the most up to date solutions from design to job site to completed project and grand opening. We have National (NCEES) accreditation and licensing in 16 states.


The intentional process of matching vision, programming & needs, and financial capabilities to create the best design for our clients. We provide Master Planning, Site Evaluation and Selection and focused strategic planning, as well.

WLP's acclaimed Ministry Driven Design for our church/ministry division has helped hundreds of churches make good decisions about present and future projects. The process starts with a vision and several assessment studies and moves towards a conceptual design and Master Planning that is matched to financial abilities. Providing help in capital fund raising, long term financing, selecting contractors and administering construction is just another aspect of Ministry Driven Design.


Architecture is about environments. In our worship space designs we listen to the client to design what is in sync with their ministry. Creating warm and welcoming environments is key to worship and retail/commercial structures, too. WLP has designed many facilities with unique interiors that fit a clients vision/mission. Our clients have won awards in their respective industries for the design of their buildings.